Listen Up You Party Animals

Everyone is infuriated by the huge budget deficits and the gigantic bailouts.  Whatever happened to freedom, we ask?  Whatever happened to limited government?  Let's have a Tea Party on tax day, today, April 15!Here in liberal Seattle, Washington, at the very heart of darkness, we're going to have a party on April 15 too.People know that something is wrong.  Taxes are too high.   Government is too powerful.  Something must be done.Come now, says the liberal college professor: Taxes are the price of civilization!Wrong again, dear liberal friend.  For sure, taxes are the cost of defense against enemies, foreign and domestic.  But taxes also fuel the sinecures of liberal college professors at government universities.  Taxes are the raw material of political patronage.  Taxes are the cost of compulsion, not civilization.The Tea Party movement may last a day or it may change America.  But let us start out right.  However high...(Read Full Article)