Why I Like Blago

In a political environment these days without humor, I like Blago. He's the political bad boy of our age.I started liking him as soon as the media began calling him "Blago" instead of two-term Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. When "Shep" Smith of FOX News calls him "Blago" with a semi-sarcastic tone of voice, I chide the TV saying, "Hey, Shep's a dog's name."You don't hear the network luminaries refer to ABC's George Stephanopoulus as "Georgie," or "Mr. Snufalufagus" (of Sesame Street fame).  And just when did you hear Tom Brokaw referred to as "Tombo"?  So what's up with this dissing Blago? They call him "Wacko" and "Delusional." Didn't CNN's Anderson Cooper have someone dressed up like a snow man ask the Republican candidates for President a question during the debates? How many kooks in that kitchen?Any knee jerk enemy of the main stream media immediately qualifies as a potential...(Read Full Article)