Past Tense Pretense

I confess I do not and never really will understand the workings of large bureaucracies. Correspondence on my desk today confirms that I probably will spend the rest of my sentient days wondering of them, "What were they thinking?"The troublesome letters indicate that Roland Haas, author of Enter the Past Tense, has been and remains in the employ of the U.S. Army Reserve Command in a sensitive and responsible position  -- senior intelligence officer. The book  he authored claims that at 19 years of age (in 1971) he was recruited by the CIA  and that for 19 years from the date of his recruitment to 2000 he assassinated 18 people, including several inside the United States on orders from the CIA. Of course, such a claim would indicate that the agency has been violating federal law during all that time, including the years it was led by now Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, whom Barack Obama has indicated he intends retain in that position.More specifically the...(Read Full Article)