Strengthening Mac's 'Fear The Redistributor' Message

John McCain's use of his opponent's past words to expose the Socialism in his current dreams would be far more effective a vote-swayer were he to make clear why a President Obama might prove uniquely capable of realizing his Leftist vision.  What's more -- such a strategy would likely bolster GOP forces on their state race fronts as well. Just one day after a disastrously tongue-tied Sunday interview with NBC's Tom Brokaw, John McCain delivered what was perhaps his most powerfully effective speech of the campaign to date.  Picking up on the day's buzz over Obama's revealing 2001 Public Radio interview, yesterday afternoon's Dayton, Ohio Mac Attack quickly turned to the hot topic of wealth redistribution:It's been a long campaign and we've heard a lot of words, and great campaign trail eloquence. The amazing thing is that we've learned more about Senator Obama's real goals for our country over the last two weeks than we learned over the past two years. It is amazing that even...(Read Full Article)