Memo from Leni Riefenstahl

Rally MemoFrom:               Leni Riefenstahl To:                   Barack Hussein (dare I say it?) ObamaSubject:            Ideas for the rallyDear Mr. Obama: I've been reading of your plans for the Invesco Field mass rally in Denver. I've had some experience documenting such things and am delighted to offer my suggestions. You are the one I've been waiting for. 1. You need a name for this rally.Surely this will be the hallmark of your governance -- large, well-staged events in which you make very impassioned, high-minded speeches which do not bear parsing for content and which permit no impudent questioning by the media or participants. This, I can tell you, is a successful strategy.My first thought about a name is Democratischeparteitag der Einheit und Starke or, as you would say, Democrat...(Read Full Article)