Old Media News In The Tank

"in the tank": An idiom with no clear etymology. In finance, a significant fall in the value of a security, stock, etc., as in "Our stock is in the tank."  In boxing, a fighter who intentionally loses a bout, "He went in the tank for that fight." In current political parlance, it refers to the MSM's partisan favoritism, as in "Old Media News is in the tank for Obama." (Author's definition)The old broadcast and print media outlets have abandoned any pretense of objectivity and impartiality in this year's general election, further eroding their credibility. It makes one wonder. Is the future of news already here, or are we transitioning toward something still over the horizon?   News for public consumption has, of course, never been unbiased or infallible. Horace Greeley, of New York Tribune and "Go west, young man, go west" fame, ridiculed the purchase of Alaska from Russia, calling the useless land there a sucked orange....(Read Full Article)