A Third Option For McCain

When both options available are problematic, create a third one. That's what the McCain campaign can do to find a way for him to communicate without delivering a prepared speech.The ProblemMcCain's staff acknowledges that he's not a great platform speaker. "To the McCain inner circle, the visual and stylistic contrast with Obama on Tuesday night was both plain to see and painful in the extreme."We know there's a problem when a "McCain advisor," speaking on the condition of anonymity --  a foreboding development in-and-of itself, refers to the comparison of McCain's June 3 speech to Obama's that same day as "not good."  The problem is exacerbated by apparent denial within the McCain camp.  TIME magazine quoted GOP ad consultant Alex Castellanos as saying, "This is not a speech-making contest. Thank God! Literally, he's right.  Figuratively, he's wrong, and very wrong. The entire campaign is one Message Communication Contest on a...(Read Full Article)