Thus Endeth the Lesson From Jeremiah

The Jeremiah Wright story will have a dead cat bounce, but the political lesson from Obama's pastor is, for all intents and purposes, over.  Some impact may be measured in the vote analysis after next week's Indiana and North Carolina primaries.  But, if the Clinton campaign expects a big decisive swing in Hillary's favor because of Wright, they could be disappointed.  Going forward, Obama can shrug off further questions about his relationship with Wright by saying, "I've already answered those questions to the best of my ability." If asked to explain why it took him so long to make a clean break from his preacher (but not the church), Obama can say,Look, while it was Rev. Wright who first drew me to Christ and Trinity church, I and my family have developed many important friendships there over the years.  Sure, I heard Rev. Wright say some things I wouldn't say, but never to the point of causing me to disassociate myself from the other 6,000 church...(Read Full Article)