Beneath Every Flag Lies A Story

Memorial Day comes every time I drive across the bridge near my home over one of the reservoir lakes made by the Army Corps of Engineers to store water for the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  Somewhere out there, thirty feet or so beneath the surface, there must be some shard that marks the homestead where, on September 16, 1916, Raymond Lewis Seagraves was born.  Perhaps a few stones from a low fence. A plug of bodark (bois d'arc) wood from a house foundation. An old penny buried in the silt.  Seagraves was a "China Marine."  After he served three years in the U.S. Army, he joined the Marine Corps in 1939, at age 22.  Maybe he wanted to travel beyond Oklahoma where he'd been stationed in the Army.  As part of the Navy, Marines sail the globe.  He was assigned to the 4th Marine Regiment posted in Shanghai since 1927 - called the China Marines.  In late November 1941, with war looming, the regiment sailed for the Philippines -- just...(Read Full Article)