Everyone Makes Mistakes

Now we know what Change-You-Can-Believe-In means.  It's a code-word for the loose change that Tony Resko dealt out to the young Barack Obama when the young state senator was looking for a house in a ritzy part of Chicago. That sort of change is completely different from the chump change that you or I put up when we buy a house in some modest suburb.Of course, the big question is whether there will be any change left in the federal till next January when Democrats expect to change America by doing more of the same: spending more money on centralized bureaucratic social programs like socialized medicine.When the Democratic candidates talk about Change, what they really mean is that they will redeem the mistakes of the Bush Era.  If you are upset about the mistakes in the endless war in Iraq, change means Getting Out Now.  If you are upset about the mistakes of Good Time Alan Greenspan, who gave us the real-estate boom that gave us the mortgage meltdown, change means...(Read Full Article)