Obama, The Global Candidate

If Barack Obama fulfills the MSM's storyline of Obama the Dragon Slayer,  a new theme will surface - Obama the Global Candidate.   In his February 11, 2008 article entitled "Obama, the Democratic Nominee? Yes He Can!" Dick Morris unequivocally declared,I believe that Barack Obama will defeat Hillary and win the Democratic nomination.If Morris is right, we should see hints of the next big MSM storyline emerge in the weeks ahead. It could look like this.Obama will be packaged as the Global Candidate to whom the world's poor and oppressed look for signs of hope for the future. His mixed race and varied national backgrounds symbolize his connectivity with peoples across the planet.  The adulation felt for him beyond America offers the U.S. a chance for enhanced strength and repaired credibility worldwide. Sure, he's an American citizen, but he's also a global citizen, a man of the world.The MSM will assert that the next president must not just lead the...(Read Full Article)