The Context of Huck's Devilish Question

Mike Huckabee's rhetorical question -- "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?"-- to Zev Chafets in a New York Times Magazine article entitled “The Huckabee Factor” was aimed around evangelical Christian leaders and toward  conservative Christian voters.Despite his credentials as a Southern Baptist preacher, political doubts concerning his conservative authenticity as a governor are matched by religious questions from some evangelical Christian leaders.  Chafets reported a Huckabee comment that illustrates his sense of entitlement to receive endorsements from those leaders. But it [an ad where Huckabee is identified as a "Christian leader"] has also caught the attention of big-time figures in evangelical Christianity, many of whom have refrained from supporting Huckabee's candidacy. This failure has puzzled and angered the governor. At the Olive Garden he spoke with bitterness about Richard Land, the...(Read Full Article)