Should Conservatives Show That 'We Care?'

Last week President Bush successfully stopped the expansion of S-CHIP into the liberal slacker classes. So the creative children of well-to-do parents who would rather buy fancy cars than pay for health insurance will have to pause for a moment. For this important ethical and moral victory the president should be celebrated forever as one of our greatest presidents. Meanwhile the Democrats showed once again that they "cared about the children."Never mind that it's all just a huge bluff.Government is there to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic.  It doesn't always do that job very well, but it's better than the alternative.Everything else is fluff., and very expensive fluff at that.  The newly legislated fluff always looks wonderful.  But after a while it always turns into rotting bureaucratic sludge.Fluff?  Health care and education are fluff?  Let's take a look at the great heads of government spending for FY 2008 on...(Read Full Article)