Fear is the Missing Ingredient in Government Schools

Everyone is properly shocked and outraged at the latest school shooting rampage.  They are rounding up the usual suspects and demanding that something should be done.  But why be surprised?  When we hesitate to exclude "special" students from the mainstream of schools, we should expect problems.  Special students, who may be anything from the developmentally challenged to the emotionally challenged, are routinely slipped into normal classes.  The Cleveland shooter, Asa Coon, appears to have been a troubled youth with a long history of problems, according to CNN. Things got so bad with Coon that they had to send him to a special school.The records of "special" students, according to my correspondent, are normally kept secret.  The parents of the other children in school are not allowed to know of the potential danger their children face from a disturbed youngster, although it seems that people would hardly be ignorant of the history of...(Read Full Article)