That Bush 'Strategery'

It's a long time since we all joked about President Bush's "strategery."  Things have gotten a lot more serious since those days in the early 2000s.But after a week in which Gen. Petraeus' report to Congress rocked the Democrats back on their heels, perhaps it is time to talk strategy again.Last week proved, if anyone needed reminding, that the Democratic Party is little more than a party of Tadpoles and Tapers, the party hacks that Benjamin Disraeli introduced into his first political novel Coningsby.  All Tadpole and Taper could think about was organizing for the next election.  "What is our cry," they would ask, as we would talk today about sound-bites and talking points.  Aside from that all they knew was voter registration and the allure of a ministerial salary.The outer limit of Democratic thinking is the tactical maneuvering to win the next election.  What are their ideas?  They have none except universal health care, the one...(Read Full Article)