How to Accomplish Education Reform

Everyone is talking about education reform when they're not talking about immigration. Jonah Goldberg wonders why we bother to have public education, given how screwed up it is.Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) wants to fix the "fatal flaws in our educational system" with a Children's Hope Act to encourage state scholarship tax credits.David Gelernter proposes that we simply abolish public schools and give the money to parents.But conservatives believe in gradual reform.  We do not want to abolish anything, not all at once.  So let us propose something mild and inoffensive.Reform One: Repeal compulsory attendance laws now.  How mild and inoffensive is that?  Oh, I see.  You don't trust other people to educate their children properly.But you are wrong, you know.  There has never been a problem getting parents to send their children to school.  In the 1830s in Britain, James Mill (father of John Stuart) found that poor parents would eat potatoes...(Read Full Article)