The Attempted Putsch at the World Bank

Late yesterday afternoon, without prior notice to Paul Wolfowitz, the World Bank's Executive Committee released the Final Report of the Ad Hoc Group on his handling of personnel issues affecting his companion Shaha Riza.It is a highly damaging, utterly biased account of the events and the nature of  the release suggests it was designed to give his detractors first crack at the news while handicapping him in his capacity to respond. Yet it is par for the course in a matter which has been characterized by false accusations, unfair treatment and selective manipulation of the press by those members of the Bank and the staff who oppose him. (See Christopher Hitchens' account of this sliming.)Today, Paul Wolfowitz will appear before the Board of the World Bank to defend himself against the charges of wrongdoing contained in the Ad Hoc Group's Report. The preparation of this report was done with only the thinnest pretext of due process and its conclusions reflect this....(Read Full Article)