Young Democrats Just Don't Get It

Our young liberal friends seem to divide into two camps.  There is the camp of enlightened progressives like  Jacob Aronson that is dedicated to "Conserving and Consolidating the Progressive Liberal Tradition" and reforming government "along private-sector lines." Then there is the angry left of Markos Moulitsas.  In "The Case for the Libertarian Democrat." Kos sees real danger ahead as corporations become more powerful than governments.   It is fine for these enthusiasts to propose, on the margin, what benevolent government should do next, but they completely miss the elephant in the room.  There is one thing and one thing only for the Democratic Party to do, and that is to keep the checks coming to its millions of supporters.  We are talking about big money. To understand why this is so let us take a look at government spending in the US.  Not just the federal government, but all governments. Here is the...(Read Full Article)