Yet Another Report on the Education Crisis

It is nearly a quarter century now since the National Commission on Excellence in Education issued its somber warning about the nation's education system: "A Nation at Risk."Luckily it was at that moment in 1983 that the US economy struggled out of the 1980-82 recession on the back of Reaganomics and never looked back.  So it turned out that the nation wasn't at risk, at least not then.Yet the education system has, if anything, got worse in the years since.  Reforms come and go-your Goals 2000, your No Child Left Behind-yet nothing seems to change.  For instance, despite all the reform, our kids still need remedial courses before they can start college."Though higher education is now a near-universal aspiration, researchers suggest that close to half the students who enter college need remedial courses."The shortfalls persist despite high-profile efforts by public universities to crack down on ill-prepared students."That's what The New York...(Read Full Article)