The Synergy of Harry Reid

The people of Nevada have a problem.  About 90 percent of the land in the state is owned by the federal government.  This makes it difficult for them to develop land for homes, schools, offices, and strip malls, the infrastructure they need to support their families. But they are not fools.  They have elected to the United States Senate a man with the skills not only to untangle their Social Security benefit problems but also to provide them with the land they need, a man with the cojones to wrestle with bureaucrats, zoning boards, and rich environmental groups and force them to surrender good Nevada land for the beneficial use of Nevada families. In the corporate sector, this is called synergy. Recently, the synergistic work of Senator Harry Reid (D—NV) has come under public scrutiny.  On October 11 Associated Press reporters John Solomon and Kathleen Hennessey detailed how Reid, with considerable skill, managed to get a parcel of land on the outskirts...(Read Full Article)