Liberals and Babies and Trust Cues

Nicholas Wade's new book Before the Dawn offers a fascinating review of recent science in human prehistory.  Genetic analysis of human remains can now tell us a lot about how humans spread across the world, starting about 50,000 years ago.  But one aspect of the book is a bit puzzling.  Every chapter has an epigraph from Charles Darwin's Descent of Man, and not just a few words, but a paragraph that takes up most of the page. What is going on here? Arnold Kling has the answer.  The Darwin epigraphs are "trust cues." Nicholas Wade is a science reporter at The New York Times, and his book advertises news of scientific discoveries that might not go down well with his liberal readers.  For instance, it turns out that chimpanzees are not quite the peaceable souls that decades of National Geographic specials have represented to us.  Your average adult male chimpanzee likes nothing better than an aggressive border raid into the territory of the neighboring...(Read Full Article)