It's a War, Stupid

The cycle of violence folks are out again.  They are worried about the escalation of violence in the Middle East, that is to say, the current skirmish in the ongoing war between the people of Israel and the Iran—backed forces like Hisbollah and Hamas that want to eliminate the insulting outpost of western culture at the east end of the Mediterranean Sea.  The violence could escalate into a regional war, they say. What planet are they living on?  The present conflict is the trial of the proposition: does Israel have a right to exist?  For half a century the Arabs and the Islamists have insisted that the "Zionist Entity" must be destroyed.  The conflict is not a cycle of violence. It's a war, stupid. A similar unreality is evident in "The End of the Bush Revolution" by Brookings fellow Philip H. Gordon. The reckless overextension of the first Bush administration is over, he is relieved to tell us, and the Bushies are now mending their fences with...(Read Full Article)