The Case Against Libby Weakens

The Libby case has always tantalized the left with its imagined scent of corruption in the White House. Libby himself was a highly—placed target, but the blood lust raged for a bigger name. The left was gnawing their paws at the growing realization that Karl Rove probably won't be indicted, despite the Jason Leopold—sponsored rumor that swept the left blogosphere. Now the Washington Note reports that Bobby Ray Inman, former head of the NSA, said that it was really Richard Armitage, Colin Powell's, Deputy who was in Fitzgerald's cross hairs. Just One Minute has had a lively discussion on the matter all yesterday following poster Windansea's spotting the article.There is some reason to think there is merit to the claim. Among the reasons are these: Armitage is widely believed to have been the source on Plame to both Novak and Woodward. Woodward has indicated he twice asked his source to relieve him of his pledge of confidentiality. Armitage is also believed to be Novak's...(Read Full Article)