Who knew?

The news media's treatment of Sandy Berger's removal of highly classified documents from the National Archives remarkably focuses on the timing of the leak, casting aspersions on the White House. It's not the first time Democrats have shown that manipulating their friends in the press is as easy as beating chimps at chess. Here's what the remarkably incurious press, which has left its thinking caps at the Bien Pensant Bar and Grill, overlooks: The leak was to the very same reporter Clinton spin doctor Lanny Davis used during the Clinton Administration. Who was Davis? None other than the public relations whiz kid who knew how to get bad news out of the way for Clinton at a time and place of his choosing, so the story could be spun away. And a closer look at Davis's book, Truth to Tell: Tell it Early, Tell It All, Tell It Yourself: Notes from My White House Education, sets out the road map. He told all about how he did it back then. And now with this flap, asked point blank if he...(Read Full Article)