Lincoln vs. Obama's Born-Again America

In his Gettysburg Address, President Abraham Lincoln acknowledged that America was "conceived in Liberty."  Lincoln could never imagine voters supporting a president aborting liberty to bear anew America conceived in government.  ObamaCare is the equivalent of America born again, conceived in government. In the classic movie Planet of the Apes, Charleston Heston crash-landed his spacecraft on a strange planet where apes were superior to humans.  Shocked to realize that the strange planet was really earth several years into the future, Heston cried out in devastation, pain, and anger at man: "Damn you!  Damn you all to hell!  You blew it up!" I believe that President Lincoln would have a similar reaction, returning to America today.  Devastated and disbelieving, Lincoln would ask, How did this happen? The left began assaulting the minds of voters many years ago to impregnate them with the seed of Socialism, thus birthing a new America conceived in...(Read Full Article)