Restore America 101

What patriots find most alarming about the re-election of Obama is the feeling that we have lost America. Recently, a pro football player committed suicide after murdering his girlfriend.  The media blames guns and football for the shooting.  They act as if the football player bore no responsibility, which is in keeping with Obama's new America. This is why we who cherish morals, decency, hard work, and personal responsibility are so upset that Obama has four more years to further his decline of America. Admittedly, the decline of America began long before Barack Obama.  However, under Obama, America's decline has been on steroids.  He won re-election promising to punish the rich and encouraging Americans to indulge in an orgy of mediocrity featuring endless unemployment benefits, an unprecedented number of Americans on food stamps, half the country on welfare, and free Obamaphones. Such is the new normal in Obama's new America. So yes, we patriots are...(Read Full Article)