Illinois taxpayers fund golden parachute for university president resigning amid scandal investigation

Higher education is a huge industry, and because it clothes itself in virtue, scandals tend to be hushed up with generous doses of Other People’s Money. Can’t have donors and taxpayers learn that executives in this trillion dollar industry enrich themselves in manners unseemly and even outright corrupt. As a corollary, miscreants can be sent away with filthy lucre to ensure silence when ugliness bubbles up to the surface. Something like that appears to be operating in the State of Illinois, where two higher education scandals at public-funded schools have ended with golden parachutes that look like lottery jackpots.  John Klingner of the Illinois Policy Institute explains: Administrative costs at Illinois universities have spun out of control. The latest example comes as the Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees voted to approve a $600,000 golden parachute for President Doug Baker. The Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees voted June 15 to...(Read Full Post)