Why The H-1B Visa Racket Should Be Abolished, Not Reformed

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban insists that the H-1B visa racket is a feature of the vaunted American free market.  This is nonsense on stilts.  It can't go unchallenged. Another billionaire, our president, has ordered that the H-1B program be reformed.  This, too, is disappointing.  You'll see why. First, let's correct Mr. Cuban: America has not a free economy, but a mixed economy.  State and markets are intertwined.  Trade, including trade in labor, is not free; it's regulated to the hilt.  If anything, the labyrinth of work visas is an example of a fascistic government-business cartel in operation. The H-1B permit, in particular, is part of that state-sponsored visa system.  The primary H-1B hogs – Infosys (and another eight sister Indian firms), Microsoft, and Intel – import labor with what are grants of government privilege.  Duly, the corporations that hog H-1Bs act like incorrigibly corrupt...(Read Full Post)