The tragedy of Bill O’Reilly

The original definition of tragedy, dating from the classical Greeks, depends upon a fatal flaw.  That is why Bill O'Reilly's departure from Fox News qualifies as "tragic," even though there are many collateral victims as well, starting with conservatives who are losing a gutsy interrogator unafraid of the stature or political correctness of his interview subjects. As I read the complaints against O'Reilly, it sounds as if he was alleged to have been behaving like a character out of Mad Men, the soap opera about a Madison Avenue ad agency in the 1960s.  Bill seems to have been old-school in his treatment of females in the workplace, commenting on their appearance and treating them as almost non-persons, accused of "grunting" at them in place of actual individual focus and engagement. I have no way to know if the allegations of sexual shakedowns are true or not, and he deserves to be considered innocent until proven guilty.  But I...(Read Full Post)