Our elections are being hacked โ€“ by Democrats

There is no doubt that the Russians, among about 500 other nations, would dearly love to hack elections in the United States.  Israel might be one of them – whoops, it was the Obama administration that actively attempted to unseat Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. Before that, in Honduras, the Obama administration had actively supported the return to power of a former president, Manuel Zelaya, who had previously attempted to seize all power for himself.  Zelaya had been forcibly removed from office for that, because "[t]he [Honduran] military, Congress and the Supreme Court in the Central American nation had all opposed" his power grab. Obama's interest in manipulating foreign leaders, by means fair or foul, did not end there.  Even our allies were not immune.  Obama's administration spied on German chancellor Angela Merkel, endangering relations with the most powerful NATO member-state in Europe. It...(Read Full Post)