O'Reilly not the left's real target

The left's takedown of Bill O'Reilly was only partly the result of an organized campaign of destruction.  Mr. O'Reilly, like Roger Ailes before him, became a victim of his own bad behavior. Fox News management made the decision to let O'Reilly go not because of the highly publicized settlements the network made with five women who accused the host of sexual harassment.  The network decided to ax O'Reilly because there are apparently several other women who are deciding whether or not to press forward with similar suits.  (Reports indicate that an internal investigation carried out by a third party shows that there are also other Fox News employees who are going to be accused of sexual harassment in the future.) Not all the women making these accusations are liberal plants.  But whether you believe that O'Reilly is entirely innocent – the target of radical leftists out to destroy Fox News – or not, the fact is that...(Read Full Post)