Guess who just dissed Obama as responsible for Dems’ collapse

Slowly, very slowly, prominent Democrats are starting to admit the obvious: that Barack Obama's presidency has been a disaster for their party, leading it to depths unmatched in the last 90 years.  The figure of over 1,000 legislative seats lost to the Republicans is but one marker.  The absence of a bench, leaving the party's congressional leadership with an average age in the seventies, is a serious problem for a political faction dependent on the youth vote. The latest Democrat to tell the hard truth while Obama is hiding from public gaze in the South Seas colonial domain of France – an odd choice for a dedicated anti-colonialist who speaks no French (or any other foreign language, for that matter – is Keith Ellison, of all people.  He is the deputy party chair of the Democrats, whose responsibilities include the ailing health of the Dems. Cameron Cawthorne of the Free Beacon reports: Rep. Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) spoke...(Read Full Post)