Destroying Bill O'Reilly

For quite some time, I've watched The Factor at 7 P.M. or later at 10 P.M.  I always found the segments interesting, stimulating, and often funny, such as Miller's weekly contribution. We learned that Fox said, "No más," and O'Reilly is off the air.  Put me down as one of those 4 million who aren't happy.      Let me be clear that I don't support sexual harassment or the mistreatment of anyone in the work environment. I do see a lot of selective indignation, especially when the allegations came from an article in the New York Times.  Isn't this the same paper that endorsed Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton and loves Ted Kennedy? Is Roger Simon right that this is really about Trump?  I think that Roger is on to something here:     The real target in the defenestration of Bill was not O'Reilly himself but very obviously Donald Trump.  He's the Big...(Read Full Post)