Could a Trump Factor make a difference in Venezuela?

As one watches over the massive mega-demonstrations in 12 or 13 cities in Venezuela, known as the Mother of All Marches, it's hard not to be rueful.  They've had these giant marches before.  They come, they make an showy appearance, and then they disappear.  And nothing ever changes.  The socialist nightmare so previously praised by Bernie Sanders remains in place: the party continues to expand its grip over the state, and the state continues to extend its grip over the institutions.  It's how Fidel Castro consolidated power in Cuba.  For all their high hopes, the marchers are up against a regime with incredible staying power.  The only possible difference may be the election of Donald Trump. It's a long shot, because it's Castro who's instructing these Chavista narco-terrorist buffoons and thugs on ruling in that vortex of horrors on how to run a failed state without getting thrown...(Read Full Post)