A lesson in Democracy from Venezuela

The socialist government of Venezuela has just provided American gun owners with an excellent lesson in why it is of paramount importance never to let the government take our guns.  Back in 1998, after four decades of the Latin American variety of democracy, military leader Hugo Chávez, a moderate leftist, was elected president.  From that time until his death in 2013, he continued to take Venezuela further left, founding the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) in 2007, which has remained the ruling party to the present, inexorably moving the country into a quagmire of socialist poverty.  Chávez died in 2013, but one of his last acts is now coming into full play in a way that provides our lesson. In 2012, Chávez and PSUV began consolidating their hold on the Venezuelan people by banning guns in public places using the usual leftist excuse of reducing crime.  Since that first gun control measure, those in charge have incrementally, to...(Read Full Post)