Secret Service agent who refused to 'take a bullet' for Trump removed, but still not booted

The Secret Service agent in charge of the Denver office, who declared on Facebook that she would be glad to go to jail over taking a bullet for President Trump (and just kept posting hate-Trump attacks after she was caught), has been permanently removed from her position, the Washington Examiner reported.  She's still employed, however, and apparently has just been shuffled over to a do-nothing sinecure somewhere in the bowels of the Department of Homeland Security. At best, she might get a well deserved layoff, along with hundreds of thousands if not millions in severance pay.  At worst, she will burrow in like a weevil as part of the Trump-hostile Deep State, working to undermine the president. Coming at a time when the Secret Service, in a report last week, showed yet more phenomenal incompetence by allowing an intruder to jump the White House fence and prowl around on the grounds – it wasn't the first time – one wonders about the...(Read Full Post)