Reaction to Chelsea Clinton's latest gig

So Chelsea Clinton, daughter of you know who, the rich little rich girl who tried, really tried to care about money but couldn't on a fundamental level, is doing just fine in the money department.  Non-fundamentally, of course.  Despite her husband not appearing to work at present,  the money just magically drops in.   The latest cash flow is, of course, her new gig at Expedia which came to her...just like that.  It must be the diversity she will bring to Expedia's board.  Yeah, that's it...she's female.  Nevertheless, there are many who are appalled at Chelsea Clinton's new very part-time job – after all, she is a mom and needs to spend time with her young children – and have cleverly decided to show their disapproval of Expedia's hiring by taking their business elsewhere.  And they're telling the world about it.  Why, look what's trending on Twitter –...(Read Full Post)