NFL teams taking a knee on Kaepernick

It was all so blatantly predictable that a blind referee could see it coming.  A young, dumb, idealistic professional football player decides to put his politics ahead of his game, and worse, ahead of his team, and then gets manipulated by the cynical leftists who now control sports broadcasting so as to support their own leftist views.  Can anyone guess the result?  Of course you can, because common sense would lead anyone to the conclusion that the manipulated kid is in big trouble. Colin Kaepernick had his seasons and it is likely that this last one will be his American twilight.  For some as yet undisclosed reason, this talented young quarterback decided to disrespect his flag, his national anthem, and his nation – a nation that had readily taken him in as a young refugee from a war-torn area of Africa and given him the opportunity to rise to the summit of professional football as a Super Bowl (losing) quarterback of the San Francisco...(Read Full Post)