Do liberals really condemn the Middlebury outrage?

The suppression by force of Dr. Charles Murray's planned address at Middlebury College, Vermont was an event so vile, so inimical to academic freedom and the governance of reason, that several prominent liberals have felt compelled to write in condemnation of it.  Should we not voice gratitude for this reaction and commend it, reassured that there is hope of respectful discourse between the political camps after all? Conservatives, perhaps, live with a certain longing that a gesture of civility may emanate from the left, that there be respite from its daily contumely, a moment when it joins us in upholding the American constitutional tradition, even in defiance of its own adherents.  If this is so, it is difficult to say whether we shall here prove more ungracious to the liberal critics of the Middlebury outrage or to conservatives wishing to take seriously their professions of chagrin. The event at Middlebury, like so many similar ones, was the result of a...(Read Full Post)