Conservative winners and losers in the GOP health insurance program

We are now talking about the GOP health insurance program.  NBC News has the story of how Mr. Trump is convincing extra-pure conservatives to get on board Paul Ryan's plan: "I want to let the world know, I'm 100 percent in favor," Trump said before the meeting. "These folks – and they are tough and they love their constituents and their county – these folks were nos, mostly nos, yesterday and now every single one is a yes." Scott Walker brought nine members who were also opposed to the bill with him to the White House Friday morning and afterward said all of them are now on board, including Rep. Gary Palmer of Alabama, who voted against the bill Thursday in the House Budget Committee. The promised changes to the bill focus mostly on Medicaid and provide states with the option to block-grant the health care program for the low-income, giving a specific sum of federal money to states to implement their own...(Read Full Post)