Two Tweaks for ‘Ryancare’

The structure and character of the federal government is largely the creation of Democrats. From Woodrow Wilson to FDR to LBJ to Barack Hussein Obama, every time progressive Democrats seize the presidency and Congress, they expand the size and scope of the central government. When Republicans recapture power, they are either unable or unwilling to roll back the Dems’ expansions. And so, the New Deal, the Great Society, and quite likely ObamaCare become permanent parts of government, and the Leviathan continues to grow. Although Republicans have promised for years to “repeal and replace” ObamaCare, since the March 7 unveiling of their replacement plan we see division in their ranks. The replacement plan is called the “American Health Care Act.” But let’s call it “RyanCare.” In its current form, RyanCare appears better than ObamaCare, (that’s a low bar to clear). But RyanCare has some of the same problems as ObamaCare. Herein are...(Read Full Article)