Transgenderism and Cancer

Pharmaceutical companies have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to test new drugs. Yet, we in America are permitting confused youth to be used as guinea pigs in medical procedures that mutilate the anatomy and flood the body with potentially damaging hormones. The current rush to acceptance of transgenderism ignores a problem beyond the immediately obvious. Are we setting up hundreds of thousands for early deaths due to cancer? Every cell in the human body has a sexual fingerprint in the sex chromosome (allosome) pairs. The born male has a XY pair. The born female an XX. These chromosomes do serve a function beyond mere reproduction. Without getting too complicated: Most genes contain the information needed to make functional molecules called proteins. -- Genetics Home Reference Essentially, the chromosomes, which carry those genes, are the control center of the cell, the central processing unit -- controlling processes above and apart from cell...(Read Full Article)