The US Government Again Fails to Protect Sensitive Personal Information

Once again the U.S. government has failed to protect sensitive personal information, this time highly sensitive information on 4,000 Air Force officers. This information, contained in extensive 127-page individual security questionnaires known as SF-86 were found on a backup hard drive that was neither password protected or encrypted. In addition, extensive information on high-profile visitors to sites in Afghanistan was also on the same drive along with gigabytes of Outlook emails whose content has yet to be assessed. This follows a number of other similar cases, the most notorious was the highly successful penetration of SF-86 files and other data held by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in June, 2015. In that case, 21.5 million American's personal data was compromised, again involving the SF-86 security questionnaire. On top of that, 5.6 million fingerprints were also stolen. In applying for a security clearance, the government collects fingerprint data and...(Read Full Article)