The UN’s Role in Exporting the Feminists’ Agenda

The Left’s route to promoting their radical agenda around the world is engineering the enactment of a United Nations treaty that contains their distorted “women’s rights” policies that can then be used to impose their alien feminist views on third world nations.  I know this from my experience of more than 20 years at the UN –– including working as an NGO delegate advising official delegates plus being an official U.S. delegate appointed by President George W. Bush to two sessions, The Children’s Summit (2002) and the Commission on the Status of Women (2003).  I’ve learned that whatever the theme of the session and whether it’s an official or NGO meeting.  And this week, March 13 – March 24, the UN is holding its 61st annual Commission on the Status of Women. A 2013 article that cited the 10 top accomplishments of the UN lists “promoting women’s rights” as the UN’s #1 accomplishment...(Read Full Article)