The Fight for $15 and the Rise of the Machines

Once upon a time in America, there was a “full service” lane where a young man on his first job might come out and wipe your windows and maybe check your oil and tire pressure. But as technology and labor costs both advanced, the inevitability of job loss through automation loomed on the horizon. Either you developed the skills needed to compete in a rapidly changing world or found yourself on the outside of the job market looking in. The “Fight for 15” movement and proponents of that distortion of economics called the “living wage” are clearly on the wrong side of history. Asking the question, would you like fries with that, is simply not worth $15 per hour, and, yes, you can be replaced by a machine, perhaps one whose name is “Flippy”. As Nation’s Restaurant News notes, the Caliburger group of restaurants is now employing a robot burger flipper that doesn’t take sick days, is relentlessly productive, and...(Read Full Article)