The Federal Jobs Program, Then and Now

Have you heard that a bill has been introduced in the House prohibiting federal employees from using government computers and devices to watch pornography on the job? The bill is in response to many stories of federal employees spending their workdays watching pornography.   Evidently, this practice is rampant in the federal bureaucracy, and under the current rules, people employed by the federal government cannot be fired for it.  Please note that if the bill passes and has its intended outcome, in order to be in compliance with federal work rules, employees will need to use their personal devices to spend their workdays watching pornography.  Perhaps this bill is better than nothing, but it is also pretty close to nothing all the same. Is it possible that we have a deeper problem in here somewhere? I recently got into a conversation with a young couple about government employment.  They made it amusing, though it was maddening at the same...(Read Full Article)