Take Down the Democrat 10

Spring training is underway. Hardball is back. But it’s not just about the game played on diamonds. It’s about politics. It’s about always finding the winning edge. It’s about playing hardball to get the edge. Democrats need to lose -- and lose hugely -- for trying to sabotage Donald Trump and his presidency. Not to mention conniving to throw the nation into turmoil. Congressional Democrats need to bear the brunt. Ten Senate Democrats are vulnerable in 2018. They’re prime targets for takedowns in the midterm elections. But the process starts now, not then. Upping the political pressure back home may induce these Democratic senators to vote right on some of the president’s legislation. It’s about trying to save their hides. But the end game -- however crooked the path -- is defeating these Democrats in favor of more Trump Republicans in the Senate in 2019.        Democrats play to win, though...(Read Full Article)