Living with Anti-Semitism in America

American Jews and the Jewish organizations that represent them have demanded, in thundeing pleas, that President Trump take action and end the current tsunami of anti-Semitic attacks on the American Jewish community.  This is just and reasonable.  Expecting political leadership not to abdicate their responsibility and at best act as conflict managers only allows a problem to fester and proliferate.  Political leaders act to change a situation, leading a nation to a better place, allowing the people to feel secure and not under threat.  This is a natural expectation that any normal public can expect of their national leadership. Despite anti-Semitic acts being a relatively common occurrence way before the presidential campaign, since President Trump's election, these ripples of anti-Semitic hatred have blossomed into a giant wave.  American Jews have become consumed with trepidation and are beginning to realize that they have every right to stand up and...(Read Full Article)