Juvenal’s Ghost Asks: Who Is Watching the Watcher?

With each day the ghost of Juvenal looms larger. This famed Roman satirist sought to capture the Emperor Domitian’s vice-infested culture, in the gloomy years ending the first century. The more people tried to censor him the more merciless his tongue became. Trump’s America should study his incisive texts, including this famous passage often translated as “who is watching the watcher?” See: Hey there, you Who do you think you’re fooling [with] this masquerade… I know the advice my old friends would give—“Lock her up And bar the doors.” But who is to keep guard Over the guards themselves? They get paid in common coin To forget their mistress’s randy little adventures; Both sides have something to hide. Any sensible wife, Planning ahead, will first turn the heat on them. --Juvenal’s Sixth Satire (Trans. Peter Green. In Juvenal, Sixteen Satires (New York: Viking Penguin, 1985),...(Read Full Article)