Good Enough Heath Care Legislation for 2017

There is a lot of hand wringing and concern over the correct order and the details of repeal and replace for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and various related budget issues.  Even now, the GOP House Plan for repeal and replace is being derided as Obamacare Lite.  The base wonders if the Congressional leaders are wavering in their commitment to repeal the entire ACA.  When they knew Obama would veto it, the Congressional Republicans  had no trouble voting unanimously for repeal.  When they were running for election, they had no problem promising to repeal every word of it. Now, suddenly they have cold feet.  They want to replace it as soon as they repeal it.  We do not yet know the details of that replacement – promised in phases two and three -- but I am betting it will be long, intricate, and hard to understand.  They don’t want anyone to think they are being cruel or unsympathetic to anyone benefiting from the ACA...(Read Full Article)